Andrew Moon


I am currently a research fellow at the University of Notre Dame.  This Fall, I will be joining the philosophy department at Virginia Commonwealth University as an assistant professor.  Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Rutgers University, and I have been a visiting professor at Dalhousie University and Kansas State University. I earned my PH.D. at the University of Missouri, and my committee was composed of Peter Markie (adviser), Matthew McGrath (2nd reader), John GrecoAndrew Melnyk, and Paul Weirich.

I have sixteen papers published or forthcoming, in venues such as MindSynthese, Philosophy CompassEpisteme, and Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.  I have also independently taught thirty philosophy classes and eleven preps at four universities.

My areas of specialty are in epistemology and philosophy of mind, and I have interests in philosophy of religion, metaphysics, ethics, and logic.  A sample research lecture is available here, and a sample introductory level lecture is available here.  Both were delivered for the Young Philosopher’s Lecture Series.

My C.V. is available here and you may contact me at