Andrew Moon


I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Rutgers University.  Previously, I was a visiting assistant professor at Dalhousie University; and the year before that, I was a visiting assistant professor at Kansas State University. I earned my PH.D. at the University of Missouri, and my committee was composed of Peter Markie (adviser), Matthew McGrath (2nd reader), John GrecoAndrew Melnyk, and Paul Weirich.  My dissertation won University of Missouri’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in a campus-wide competition.

My primary research focus is in epistemology, and I also have interests in metaphysics, ethics, logic, and philosophy of religion.  A sample research lecture, “The New Evil Demon Problem for Internalism,” is available here, and a sample introductory level lecture, “How to Respond to Religious Disagreement,” is available here.  Both were delivered for the Young Philosopher’s Lecture Series.

My C.V. is available here and you may contact me at